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Hunter Lang

Hermit crabs have gone AWOL!

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So I have two hermit crabs ( or used to I guess) and the past few days I have been looking for them because I always enjoy looking at their little blue legs, but I have not seen either one in days? Like behind the rock or even under the sand (I siphoned today during water change) where the heck did these guys go??? I don’t have any extra shells in there either but I’m gonna go pick some up tomorrow but even if they left the shells I still haven’t seen empty shells either? 

I am very confused 😂

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Mine did this as well. The both shed at the same time and I still have no idea where they go to hide but they are good at hiding during that time.  Just be patient I’m sure they will come back out pretty soon. They could also be full and laying low for a couple days.

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During molting crabs hide for days, they have no protection during molting and their legs are weak.



They may have died if there was any ammonia spikes, sometimes they just don't make it 

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