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Current USA Orbit Tank Mount question

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So I have the:


Current USA Orbit tank mount and current usa orbit marine pro led 18 to 24. the pro version is thicker and can't be used with the clips that come with the mount.


I know I have to use the supplied screws to mount the light to the arm. But the instructions say to mount it vertically with the arm with 3-4 screws.


I would rather mount it perpendicular to the arm. looks like i am only able to use about 2 screws? will this be enough? is there another metal bracket i can add to mount it more securely?


Pictures for reference.











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Current is very responsive – I would ask them too.

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3 hours ago, mcarroll said:

Current is very responsive – I would ask them too.

Very correct. I emailed them along with creating this thread. They are sending my an extension arm free of charge.


I should be able to find some bolts and screws to make it work. 


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