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I am just looking to see what other people have had for experience on online purchases and facebook coral sales.


Here is how mine went purchased 12 corals and spent just under $300 on a Facebook live sale page (PM me if you want the name). Took 10 days after the sale was over to get a tracking number for shipping. Got the tracking information and then noticed it wasn't going to the right address. I had been very specific about the address I wanted to go to and the seller acknowledged that it would go there. Well it didn't.... so I had run around with FedEx and they can't hold it because it's and overnight and it takes 24 hours to process the request blah blah blah. I close my business to run around waste a better part of my day and night trying to get this figured out. The seller pretty much just told me that I needed to do what I had to to do to make sure I got it. Whatever happened to customer service in this world? 


After all the running around I have one DOA, contact the guy he says I can have a replacement for $30 in shipping. I have a corporate FedEx account and offer to send him the label to get the replacement. He did offer me the cost of the coral ($30.00) in credit but why would I want to order from someone that I had a run around with and could seem to care less about the customer? He comes back with that I can send him the label along with $5 for the box and heating pads..... Really $5 dollars? I have been in customer service for the better part of my life and would never consider asking for something as little as $5 after we had a mistake like that.


I am curious on the good bad and the ugly of online purchasing this was my first and last time.

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That sounds terrible, so much hassle. Is it with a coral vendor or private sale? If private sale, I'd have to say you run that risk with the lower price offerings on the corals. But that $5 tho...smh

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My favorite seller went to facebook...  that's the day I stopped buying from him.  Same with those auction sales.... just give me a freaking website that I can say "oh, I like this" and add it to my cart and be on my way. 

It's a review of the person selling, I say you just post the name. 

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