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IM Fusion Peninsula 20g water level issue

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A Few days ago I removed a couple LR from my tank and replaced with some different ones (i.e. an arch)  The water level was off and I keep adding and taking away water as the back chamber keeps filling up super high one day and then the next will me completely drained.  I finally got it to where I believe it needs to be and was steady and constant for 2 days and then I topped off today before work and 3 hours later the back chamber is completely drained and the water level in the main tank has risen again.  There is no leaks it just seems to be filling up the main portion of the tank really high and not cycling through the built in sump.  I have had this tank for about 1.5 years and never had this issue till I swapped out this rock.  Any suggestions? 

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It sounds like something may be obstructing the overflow of your tank, or perhaps the return pump itself has become restricted? Do you have any filter media or filter floss that could have become clogged with fine sediment after the rock change? Since it has been up and running for over a year and a half, I wonder if it might be time to pull out the return pump and soak it in vinegar for a good cleaning. You might also consider inspecting the impeller inside the pump for build up. Let us know how it goes @Brian1313!

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Thanks I will check the filter floss.  I will also check the pump.  I usually clean the pump once a month (havent gotten to it yet this month) and the filter floss I will change out today

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As CM said sounds like a blockage in the flow


Pumps don't need to be cleaned that often, and actually they should remain with a slight slime coat on the impeller.  So maybe 1-2 times per year max if you are using floss to control detritus into the rear chambers.


Adjust water levels in the rear chamber with the pumps on, add new water to the accessory or pump chambers to bring up, subtract from them to bring down.  Always top off in those chambers as well.  Sounds like you may be doing that so it's most likely a blockage in flow under the intake.

Change floss 1-2 times per week, feed with the pumps off.

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