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Fluval EVO V or Flex 9g?

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Got the green light for a desk tank at work, but I've been out of the marine aquarium game for a few years. I like the footprint of the Fluval Flex 9g, but I know I would have to make powerhead and light upgrades to make it work. The Evo 5 gallon marine kit looks more out-of-the-box ready, but I don't love the dimensions. After the tank is bought, whatever I choose, I'm trying to keep my budget under $300 before stocking. Cheers.

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The evo is designed for reefkeeping.


The light is basic in programmable options but works for lps and softies. Some easier sps has been grown under them as well.


Most add a powerhead and upgrade filter media(most stock media is not great for reefs)


The flex is designed for fw planted. So the hood would need retrofit lights or removal all together with another light being used.


The filter media will need upgrade and a powerhead would need to be added. 

Possibly the return pump because it may be a low gph. 


It really depends on how much you want to spend on the tank. 

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