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Duncan corals questions

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Ok so I bought a 2 head Duncan’s awhile back maybe 3-4 weeks ago and I feed it every other day but all I feed is small nls fish pellets most of the time I soak them and bust them up and feed with a baby dropper but today I just dropped dry peace’s in the Duncan’s seem to be doing good and happy I have noticed good growth and for sure 1 new head has small tentacles poking out and on the other head two bumps possible 2 more new heads so is the nls a bad idea   

Other question how fast will the new heads grow I’ve noticed a little growth in the past week on the first baby head ive noticed but it former right after I added it into my tank.  But since yesterday I have noticed more tentical and sticking out farther. And the other two bumps popped up fast and are getting big in a hurry 


I have my Duncan’s close to the bottom in flow that blows the tenticals both ways just sways in the flow not super hard 

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I started maybe a year ago with 2 heads and now when they are close I can count 30+ heads. I rarely actually spot feed mine. It usually gets floaters of stuff my fish missed. 

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