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14g biocube copepods

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i would like to add apex copepods in the tank, but currently i have no predators that can eat them and iam afraid that they can get out of control.  i currently have a hi-fin red banded goby, candy pistol shrimp, and 3 nacerious snails.  iam starting my livestock addition so later i’ll get more fish.   

wondering what i could get later that will eat these copepods but keep a healthy population so that they can eat my detritus and such.  i will also eventually put in corals some well.  

these copepods are small and should not present visual issues, the tigger ones are pretty big and might be much for a biocube when they overpopulate.

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I've personally never heard of anyone having issues with them overpopulating. You can always get a smaller goby down the road if you start to see them and don't like it. It's my understanding as well that they really improve the system's microfauna and help with some types of algae. I will say even fish that don't exclusively consume pods will go after some. I put in a bottle of tigger pods and watched in shock as my two itty-bitty clownfish were basically filter-feeding on them, mouths open, as I poured them in. Honestly, with pods, I think the benefits of establishing a good population outweigh the potential for overpopulation, which again, I've never heard of anyone citing as a complaint.

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thanks for you input on that, will be getting some soon

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