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Questions about what to do at the end of a cycle

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I have had my first saltwater tank, a Biocube 32, running for two and a half weeks, and it seems like my cycle may be coming to an end. Today my ammonia was 0.0, nitrite was  0.3, nitrate was very high, at least 50, and pH was 8.2. As soon as my nitrite goes down to zero I will do a water change, and I have a few questions about how to proceed.

-How extensive should the post cycle water change be? 30% or 50%? Or should it be even more?

-How tolerant are clean up crew members, such as snails, hermits, and emerald crabs to moderate to high nitrates? I was planning on adding my first clean up crew this week, but I fear that even after a water change the nitrates may still be somewhat high. Do you think it will be safe to add them? 

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An 80-100% waterchange should be done.


You want nitrates 20 or less. Preferably 2-10.



A small cuc can be added after but they will need moderate feeding if there is no algae present in the tank.

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