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Micro Brittle Love Shack

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There's something in the air ... or water. This morning noticed my 7 year old clown pair was spawning behind the rocks. Later saw an astrea releasing gametes. This afternoon just after my weekly water change and cleaning saw 7 micro brittle stars climbing out of the rocks. They proceeded to have an orgy. The more ambitious one even clinbed on top of an astrea before having his fun. The two apparent males soon slunk back into the rock, while the apparent females reclined about the rocks, evidently wishing for cigarettes.


Hopefully there will be a new batch of micro brittles soon - I owe @Lula_Mae some (found out a few weeks later some of these were supposed to be sent to her!). They are larger than the ones I had before- bodies about the diameter of a pencil eraser, legs each about 1 1/2 in long.




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I love it ive been looking for micro brittles forever! I need to find someone in canada willing to ship em to me!

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That's so cool!  I watched my stomatella once spawning.  Too bad he was the only one in the tank lol.

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