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First piece of macro. ID? And what should I do with it?


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I purchased a Pom-Pom Crab earlier today, and the LFS threw in a small piece of macro that it was housed with. Anyone have an idea what type of macro this might be? And likely a silly question, but what should I do with it? I don't have a sump or fuge. Should I just toss it in the top chamber of my media basket so that it won't sink to the bottom and will still receive light, or if I placed it in the front of tank can I simply glue it down like a coral?



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On 1/8/2019 at 11:09 PM, Aurortpa said:

OOooO I’m jelly lol, nice!

Hopefully it grows well, and if it does you're welcome to some since you're local. Also, if you ever frag some of your corals keep me in mind! 👍

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