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New Release! WWC Electric Daisy Stylo!

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We are here to blow you away with our latest release!  The WWC Electric Daisy Stylocoeniella!  


We attained this piece from a wholesaler over 2 years ago.  This SPS is so hot that Jason Fox had to have a piece from our mother colony!  He's been growing it out for the past year and his is looking just as hot as ours 😄


Amazingly this coral looks incredibly hot under both daylight and actinics!  You really can't get better than that!

What's even sweeter is that we are doing a simultaneous release!  Jason is releasing a frag with his latest update and we'll be following up with a frag of our own early next week.

This baller coral is going for $799 each so a frag of this definitely isn't for the faint of heart 🙂







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