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Ever heard this?


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Went to a local fish store and a customer wanted to get a clown for the one clown she had at home and the owner told her if she buys one clown for the one at home they will fight so buy two..


He said its a rule with clowns to always buy have them in odd numbers.. Was he just trying to sell her another fish or is this true??


Also is it ok to only keep one clown alone??

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pure bs.

Just trying to sell fish. Clowns can always be kept singly. If pairs are to be formed start with juveniles because 2 adult females will fight to the death. Two juveniles will fight to establish dominance. If you keep 3 or more, typically 2 will form a pairand the rest will remain juvenile 1 dominant female usually largest,and a smaller dominant male. If something happens to either of the dominant clowns one of the juves will take its place.and so on and so forth

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