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Refugium Light Spill in Fluval Evo 13.5

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I just installed a refugium light (IM Chaetomax) for chamber one (with chaeto) of my fluval evo 13.5. 


I only have the display light and I currently run it for 9.5 hours. As of now, the refugium light is on for 9 hours reverse cycle.


Unfortunately, there is some light spill into the tank (through the side of the false wall) and it hits my bird's nest. I'm hoping as my chaeto grows it will block more of the light...


How harmful will this be? Does the blue/purple/red light make a difference?


Thoughts / suggestions?



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Hey I tried the cheato/refugium in the chamber of my AIO and regretted it.  Small pieces of cheato got into the main tank and began to flourish.  I tried a DIY slab filter between the cheato and the return pump to no avail.  It stuck to the rocks and was not easy to clear.  Took a few months to clear every bit of it.  I have switched to an ATS for now.  My experience only.

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