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Biocube 16 W/ AI Hydra 26 HD SPS tank build...Hopefully!

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Hi everyone
Sorry still newer but after reading all the amazing tank builds I wanted to start one to track my progress
Current tank: Biocube 16
Lighting: AI Hydra 26 HD
ATO: tunze nano with Kalk in top off water
Salt: RSCP
Filtration: CPE, Purigen, filter flosS
Flow: my 1200 return and Jebao sw-2
Tanks going on 2 months and SPS are encrusting and coloring up a little
Pics below of tank progress and getting a sps frag pack this weekend with the following:
Red Robin Acro
Green Slimer
Purple Stylo
Candlelight Acro
Green digi
Ponape Birdsnest
Sour apple bird nest
Blue enchinata
Blue Aussie tabling acro
Watermelon Acro








Sorry pics uploaded in reverse so bottom is the oldest and top is the newest

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Yea I will be for sure... but have plans to set up a second tank

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