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Red Sea Max 130 Lighting Options


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I picked up a nice used RSM 130 the other day. Been probably 10 years since I had a reef tank. I am looking to upgrade lighting from the stock T-5/PC's to one of these:


Nanoboxreef Retro Kit ($365): https://nanobox-reef.myshopify.com/collections/nanobox-retro-kits/products/nanobox-retro-kit 


Steves LED's Retro Kit ($414) with the Bluefish wifi controller and "irridescence booster": https://www.stevesleds.com/Red-Sea-Max-130-130D-C130-LED-Upgrade--Plug-and-Play_p_304.html 


OR DIY similar systems using parts from ledsupply.com and rapidled.com. I would install apx. 26 Cree leds with a  Bluefish controller and heatsink. I would use the fans that are already in the 130 hood for heat removal. Total cost would be about $325-$350 and some time soldering etc.


Even considered buying an AI or Radion or similar and using the guts out of the unit to install into the mostly sealed RSM hood. Would not really be subject to direct water contact. I realize with any LED setup I will likely have to run it at maybe 40-60% since the light will not be far from the water surface.


I know if I modded my hood or removed it my options would be limitless but trying my best to keep clean sleek factory look of setup. If people are interested, I could do a "build thread" of this tank...


Any thoughts or suggestions?





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