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CKane’s IM Nuvo Fusion 10

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Excited to share that I will be upgrading from the Fluval Evo 5 to an IM Nuvo 10! Not sure when the tank will get wet, but I thought I’d start a tank journal for suggestions. 

Lighting: AI Prime HD (suggestions for light schedule?)

Flow: aqueon 600 (from my 5g, 150GPH)

and Current Orbit 660 wave pump

Sand: thinking Caribsea’s special grade reef sand so no sand blows around the tank

Rock: trying to decide if I should wait until I find the perfect rock or use epoxy to make my own rock, suggestions?

Filtration: custom caddy with phosguard, filter floss, and chemipure blue nano


Livestock: 1 ocellaris from my 5g and a small skunk cleaner shrimp, may pick up a small clown goby or other small fish


corals: most of the corals in my 5g will be used in my 10g.

I’d like the 10g to have a large zoa garden, and some more monti cap and digi.

Considering making this an anemone tank with just an anemone and maybe zoas?


The 5g was a great learning experience, made some rookie mistakes (not dipping coral frags) and have some nudibranchs and I believe a zoa parasite that’s causing one of my colonies to close up. Pictures are of the 5g currently and the new 10g. Any suggestions for the 10g are much appreciated!!!





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