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DIY Copepods intank heaven

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I am trying to think of a way that i could have a copepods heaven in my 14g biocube.  

I have read many forums on sustaining copepods and most only mention to put chaeto in a tupperware with pod in the tank and that will keep the copepods safe from predators, but that looks unsightly and i will like to feed them nutrients that will eventually make there way into the fish that will eat them.  this of course it somewhat hard because iam trying to keep everything in the tank, and putting phytoplankton in the tank is just gonna cause the tank to take up nutrients in the water column.  

so, i would like ideas in which i can hold the copepods in the tank safely,  be able to separate them from my water column when feeding, and have the ability to allow them access to get into the water column when not feeding.


so my idea was to have a hang-on neat clear box with a door that lead to small holes for copepods to be able to get out into the water column, the door will be able to keep the phytoplankton within the box when enriching them, then when the water is clear i can open the door for them to get out into the water column.  this would make a safe heaven for copepods breeding and enrichment for eventually feeding to fish, all this inside a 14g biocube.


what do you guys think i should do???

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I think the best option is to turn chamber 2 into a refugium. Keeps the display neat and allows for chatoe to remove nutrients while being a safe place for the copepods to grow. Some would make it into the display through the return pump. Would need to buy a light and maybe a media rack such as the InTank ones. 


Option 2 would be some sort of in tank refugium that could be made or bought but most are fairly large for a 14 Gal. Example: https://www.marinedepot.com/CPR_CITR_Pro_In_Tank_Refugium_Small_(no_pump)_Internal_Refugiums_Sumps-CPR-CR03384-FIRFIR-CR03384-vi.html


Option 3 would be to build a separate system to grow copepods. Keeping all the excess nutrients out of your tank. Would require another tank and/or plastic jugs with some lighting and aeration. 

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i think i am going to go with option 1, seems to be the way of least resistance.  

Can copepods ever get to being a nuisance in an aquarium???? with them getting to a point of overpopulation???

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Just bought one of these yesterday 


if I remember I’ll let you know how it goes, otherwise I’m sure to leave a review on my reefer 250 build thread.  I’m going to use this in my sump in conjunction with a refugium and if I see positive results will buy another and start cycling them between the display, I was even considering buying a shroom box for in the display that would be large enough to accommodate the pod hotel so it could be placed in the display neatly and pods might slowly escape from the shroom box feeding my mandarins.

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okay thank you, please let me know how that works for you


I am going to the LRS to get some APEX copepods than, seems that they are not bad at all,   I just need to get all this detritus building up in my tank and I need several ways of removing it.

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doing something similar to this right now, or at least experimenting with it. Though I don't have a biocube, but same idea.

I used one of these https://www.amazon.com/Yagote-Aquarium-Hatching-Incubator-Isolation/dp/B07C7VS3BD/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1547129135&sr=8-2-spons&keywords=breeder+box&psc=1 Only the bottom part


Basically it's a plastic box that allows water to flow through, I have this in the back of my AIO with macro growing in it. The pods can't get back out of the AIO through the floss; some probably do get through the return pump, but once a week I take some of the macro and trim it, and shake this into the display, and some pods come off it. I have a Lepower LED light over this, and in the light I can see there are a lot of baby pods swimming around in it. Seems to be working so far.



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