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Hunter Lang

Cycling my new nano tank 10 gallon HELP

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I just bought a 10 gallon nano reef tank today, I have premixed Pacific Ocean water that I put in there and super naturals Aquarian substrate sand in there right now. I have the pump filtering currently and the heater set to 78 degrees, I plan on getting live rock tomorrow or the next day. Is there anything else I am missing as far as cycling goes? And will me using already pre mixed salt water, substrate sand, and live rock speed up the cycling process in my tank? I have tried to read on like but have gotten little help to know how long and when I can start adding bottom feeders, coral, and then fish. I feel like everything I have done is correct so far but wanted some more in depth details on how to cycle this tank and about how much longer until I can add bottom feeders, coral, and fish?

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It depends on the actual rock you get.


Cured liverock- no cycle

Liverock that isn't cured - time varies from 1 to 5 weeks


Dryrock- needs ammonia source and bacteria source to be dosed.

Using dr tim's products are easier as it's the cleanest method of adding an ammonia source. - duration varies common up to 6 weeks


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