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I got a youtube channel and im looking for some subs. On my channel i have a 5 gallon pico reef.  I also do videos on my 180 fresh water tank and a 10 gallon shell dweller tank. I have a playlist called bangers where i make a edited and fun video. You can watch my progress and hear what tips i have from my pico set up. 

Here is my latest banger hope you enjoy and sub +👍


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Ahhh, sexy shrimp! I love those little guy's. Gonna put some in mine when I start it. I'm definitely a YouTube junkie so will head over to your channel and check it out. Will be posting stuff on mine once I get started with my pico lol. 

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1 minute ago, Aquatic Spendthrift said:
  • Thanks Dave. sexy srimp are cool good luck with your pico.

Your welcome. I'm at the point where I got it cycling and now just trying to figure what to put in it lol.

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Sexies are cool, just be aware they're known to eat corals unless (and sometimes even if) well-fed.

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