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Fluval 13.5 Mod Suggestions

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Set up a new Fluval 13.5 last Friday and wanted to get some inputs on some additions. I see a lot of different recommendations when searching the forums. Right now I am thinking about two things. First is water flow. I was thinking about adding a small powerhead but I was also thinking about just upgrading the stock pump. I like the idea of just getting more flow out of the pump so I am not adding more to the display area but wanted to see what others thought. The second thing I was thinking about was changing the stock filter media. I feel like the stock filter setup is fine for the beginning but definitely feel like it could be better. Although I would prefer not to spend $50-60 on the inTank media baskets.

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Most ppl ditch the stock filter by getting an intank media basket and using floss, carbon, etc. 


You can upgrade the pump to avoid a powerhead but it depends on your coral plans.


I did this in my 10g and 5g and it's worked well. 

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