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Tiny Fish, Big Tank - sublunary's RSR 250

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New project!


Since part of the plan for this tank is a pair of mandarins, culturing pods has been part of the plan.  Which means culturing phyto has been part of the plan.  I read so many guides and tutorials and because I have issues, did not feel comfortable doing any DIY version of a culture set up.  I am not good at DIY, I have no attention to detail and I break things.   And we don't really drink soda anyway, so no free bottles. 


Luckily I am not the only one, and there is a market for idiot-proof culture set ups.  I know I could do this for so much cheaper, but having everything I need arrive at the same time - with clearly printed step by step instructions - was worth it to me.  




Phyto on the left, tisbe pods on the right.  RODI on the other side of that wall. 


My partner might hate me for taking over more of the laundry room.  But I see it as extra motivation for him to finally buy a dresser and start keeping clothes in his bedroom like a normal human. 

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Quick bad cell phone photo update.


Did my first phyto harvest a couple days ago.  The set up works great so far.  I just need to get some actual storage containers, so this can go back to being a drink pitcher. 



I'm really enjoying the snake polyps more than I thought I would.  They kind of curl up and cuddle during the day.



And open up looking for food at night.  They are super weird, and I kind of hope they multiply. 



I've been catching my pom pom crabs out and about right around duck, and only around dusk lately.  So I was happy to see this guy for more than a few seconds.  I'm also pleased my walking dendro has wandered back to the front of the tank. 



I was super surprised to find one of my porcelain crabs chilling.  I haven't seen one in weeks, and thought they both died.  I'm very happy to be wrong.



I got these torches in a frag pack a couple of weeks back.  This is the first time I've gotten a photo of the indo gold looking even a little gold, so blurry or not, I'll take it!



And here's a dirty FTS from the other day.  



I've got some sort of sandbed algae and a couple of other nasties going on.  Not to mention the algae on the gyres.  Ick.  So tomorrow will be a larger than normal cleaning day, plus some frag rearranging.   These damn filament hydroids have GOT to go.   I'm also concerned about whatever's making those bubbles.  I think my nitrates are way too high for a dino problem, but I'm going to try the jar test to put my mind at ease.  All these posts of people freaking out about them have me a bit paranoid. 


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