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Evo 13.5 scape.


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Hello I'm just looking for some input on my scape. I like the look of caves so I'm trying to keep open areas in the scape. Any critiques or advice is appreciated thanks.



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Visually pleasing, personally I would make sure the all sides are easily accessible with scraper.


Also, do yourself a favor an prepare a little separate island for use in case you wanna have some fun with the more invasive corals (xenia, gps, even an anemone - not that it’s gonna hold it back from moving)

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Theres plenty of room for my scraper. I checked lol.

That's a good idea on the small island.what about this.

Theres about an inch maybe inch an a half between it and the main structure is that far enough?



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It’s a personal preference but how about if you move all rockwork closer to back wall (to free up bottom glass on opposite end) and place island in middle of it, maybe 2-3 inches off.


again, personal preference but once your corals grow in, 1.5 even 2.5 is not gonna be much but atleast 2.5 is gonna give a little more.

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Changed the base rock on the left side I think this works much better also used a smaller piece of rock for the island I'll have about a 3/4 inch sand bed so hopefully that'll be enough to separate gsp or clove polyps from the main rock.

it doesn't look it from the top down,but it's like three inches from the mainrock.



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Not sure what you ended up going with but if I were you I would have put the island in its original place but have used a smaller rock.  It would have allowed the entire scape to flow in almost a crescent shape.  For whatever reason it seems slightly off with the island dead in the center.  Regardless It looks great!  I'd like to see it filled and stocked!   

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I changed the scape up pretty drastiacally. Reson being I pulled every thing out to epoxy it together and promptly dropped it on the way back to the tank.😑 So after some cursing, whining and complaning I rearranged it into the new scape epoxied it in place and carefully placed it in the tank.


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