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Sump set-up under an already existing tank


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Hey guys I’m new to this community, first time posting. First off I would like to thank a lot of you for all the great information I get out of here, such a great site and crowd here. 🙏


I’ve been running a 73 or 75 gallon(not sure exactly) bow front reef for about 7 years now. Currently for filtration I have a marine land canister c-360, I’m sure you are all familiar with these lol. For obvious reason I would like to install a sump system but I have a huge problem of where to put it as I cannot move my tank... does any one know if there are any sump systems that fit in the 73 gallon tank stands? Or any ideas on how to move the tank or maybe just what to do in general?! Any info helps thanks everyone!

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5 hours ago, Darquarium said:

What size would you recommend for 75 gallons?

Main thing is being sure it is large enough for the equipment you want and has enough extra capacity to handle any backflow when the pump is off. Other than that largest you can fit is a good rule 🙂



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If I recall correctly, its actually a 72 gallon tank.

I had one that I was going to set up as my first tank (mine came with a canister filter as well). I designed everything out and decided I needed get out of that living situation, so it never got set up.


If you have the stock bowfront stand, it will be pretty difficult to get a standard solution under there. It was so long ago now that I don’t recall the dimensions or what tanks will fit under there, but I do recall that options were pretty small due to the center brace and the curvature of the stand. You may need to go with a custom built sump to get a sufficient volume that can be placed inside the stand without draining the tank and moving things around. You may be able to get away with pulling panels from one of the sides and sliding the sump in that way, but I am not sure how stable that will be.


I recal seeing someone brace the stand, drain their tank half way down, slide the sump in from the front, then put the stand back together and refill the tank. Seemed a bit risky to me, but I think they had a lot of experience bracing houses when putting in larger headers for bigger windows and doors.


is the tank drilled?

Is it set up with overflows?


Another option may be to run the canister filter as a closed loop sump. Doesn’t allow you to run an in sump skimmer, but it gives you some options and doesn’t add cost.


Look into the 5 gallon bucket sump in the DIY section. I’ve got parts coming in to build something similar. Even working out how to add a light so I can run it as a ‘fuge with some macro.

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@Darquarium Consider a Tunze Reefpack 500 instead of a sump:

Reefpack 500

Reefpack 500

For seawater biotopes from 200 to 500 liters (53 to 132 USgal.). Power consumption only 31 W for a... mehr

620.57 USD


Gives you skimmer, filter and ATO in a package about the same size as a drain box you'd have for a sump.  Magnetically mounts to the glass inside your tank, so it's very flexible.

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