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Question about cropping


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Hello NR Photogs,


Some background on me/my camera.  I have used a Canon G5 for years, it worked well but I lost the charger for it (again) and I am thinking instead of buying yet another charger I will just buy an upgrade.  


On a scale of 1-10, my photography knowledge is probably a 4-5.  I understand aperture, WB, basic pros and cons of DSLR vs ______, etc...I have some seat time in PS, GIMP and canon raw software.  My skill on the other hand...lol.  It can use some work.  


I am looking at buying an older DSLR with a kit lens as a path to a true macro lens.  I am thinking something like a Nikon D40 (on the low end) up to a D3100 on the high end.  The other option bouncing around in my head is spending more on a newer 'prosumer' with more pixels, then get as close as possible with prosumer and crop crop crop to get 'close up'.  


I believe firmly in the 80/20 rule.  If I can get 80% to good looking "macro" like shots of my tank with a simpler/cheaper prosumer I am all for it.  On the other hand, the assumption that I can just crop my way to happiness with a ~20 MP prosumer needs to be tested...so it might not even work the way I expect it to (i.e. is it even an option?).   

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If you can push that a bit, I’d look for an old t3i and canons 60mm macro, or a nifty 50mm and some cheap macro tubes. 


Im not super familiar with the newer powershot stuff. 


I shoot a 6D and plan to add the 100mm non-L macro. In the meantime I have a 50 and some cheap macro tubes.



Lotta good info here:



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Have any sample photos you can share with the 6d & 50 and macro tubes?


I watched a T3 (not T3i) auction last night and was kind of surprised it wound up at $135 shipped.  Thats with kit lens.  The T3i's appear to be going for about double that.  While im sure many people can benefit from the differences between them I probably would not.  My skill levels is more evenly matched with a older DSLR lol.    

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My current tank was setup this weekend. My photography has evolved a bit since I last shot a tank, that said, it’s still a bit of a learning curve and trial and error. So your not necessarily behind the 8 ball as far as skill. 


Here’s was an old shot I found on my Flickr. I think I used that setup? I got rid of my old tank shortly after getting the macro tubes and they have been sitting waiting. I plan to practice more soon! 



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To circle back and put a bow on this topic....


I put together a quick summary of what I bought (D40 & old 50mm macro lens) and what I have been able to do.  If anyone is interested, check out page 9 of my build thread:



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I’ve got a D40 I don’t use anymore that I’m looking to sell. Excellent condition, never dropped, never exposed to moisture, never stored with the battery inside. The battery terminals are corrosion free. Complete with charger, 2 batteries, soft case, strap, ect. No lens tho. Looking for $150 shipped. I can provide complete Photos tonight. PM me  if you’re interested.

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I have forgotten about this forum! @--chris--


For macro I would look for a manual focus lens. Autofocus and macro are pretty pointless in my opinion. I use a 75mm paired with a close up adaptor kit. Also have use a true macro lens. 


A few tips.

  • Use tripod and even add a sandbag under to make it even more steady. 
  • Set a timer for 2-5 secs to reduce any shaking.
  • Try f5.6 - 8. 
  • Don't be afraid of ISO. 
  • Pumps off to reduce random stuff in photo. 
  • Try a orange filter. 





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