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What is this in my reef???

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19 hours ago, mcarroll said:

"munnid" is an Interesting guess....what's the reference folks are using to suggest this?   


Even wikipedia's entry is blank...and the genus name doesn't match the current scientific name (which is Uromuuna?). 


Anyone have a (non-forum) link suggestion for more reading about these?

The image you linked looked like what I had in my tank, which I researched to be munnids. The "centipede" appearance and crawling / darting behaviour from OP also matches. 🤔

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the only isopod i linked looks kinda opposite of that...more like a beetle than a centipede...and was not the type of isopod younamed.  


the only place i've seen the name "munnid" with pics is on other hobby forums.  


i was hoping for something more like wikipedia or a science website or journal article...

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