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Shallow Office Reef - "Great things are not done by impulse..."

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"...but by a series of small things brought together."

-George Elliot


And so begins my first not-nano-reef build in over 7 years!  This build will move slowly, but deliberately.  Stage 1 will be building the basics and getting rock and water in it.  Stage 2 will be fleshing it out, adding equipment and letting it mature. Stage 3 will be making it a "reef" tank!  


In mid-march of this year I traded a bunch of frags from my nano for a 48*24*12 glass tank and a 48" Tek 6 bulb T5 HO fixture knowing that I love shallow reefs, I would set one up at some point again and because it was a hell of a deal!  Fast forward to October, I picked up a bunch of 50 breeders and a 75 gallon.  Sold the 50 breeders but kept the 75 planning on using it as a sump.  


As of today, my equipment list is:


48x24x12 tank

48x18x18 sump

48" Tek 6 Bulb T5 HO fixture


I have some "infrastructure" work to do prior to diving into the fun equipment gathering, which is where I started today.  


New 20 amp circuit, conduit and 20 amp breaker (DONE)




Next in Stage 1 (Now): GFCI outlet, DIY 2x4 stand, light hanging and plumbing, heater, time and return pump.


Stage 2 (Mid 2019): Rock, water, skimmer, light & ATO


Stage 3 (Mid-late 2019): Fish and coral!  



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Not sure anyone noticed...but I installed a junction box instead of a gang box.  -_-


Spent a few $$ and lots of time at the store to figure this out.  I need to pull it off the wall, hope the double gang box fits the holes I drilled in the cement (or drill new holes...) and mount the correct box on the wall.



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what's happening here?  no tank yet?  this takes the whole "set up" story line to the next level. 

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lol.  Historically my builds are fueled by excitement mixed with anxiety. I just want the details to be correct before setting this up for the 'long haul'.  🙂  Because of that I am moving very slowly...also the holidays and some travel slowed it down.  



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