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Noisy Vortech, troubleshooting ideas?


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Bought a brand new MP10 QD not too long ago. I put it in my tank for the first time last night and it was making WAY too much noise. I’ve been researching forums and I know to expect some noise, moreso when it’s breaking in, but this is really loud. It almost sounds like a jackhammer. 


Im pretty sure it’s the wet side assembly that’s causing it. The dry side was practically silent when I briefly ran it by itself. I took the wet side apart and examined all of the parts, I couldn’t really notice anything that may be causing this rattling/jackhammer noise. I reassembled it, put it back in on constant speed, and tried moving it around like the manual suggests. No change in noise regardless how much I fine tuned the wetsides placement. 


I plan on contacting Ecotech during the week if I’m able to find the time, but I was curious if there was anyone who might offer some experience or insight into this issue. I’d rather not go through the hassle if it’s something I can fix on my end. 



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38 minutes ago, mcs said:

Sometimes the wet side starts to spin and vibrate make sure that the glass on the inside is very clean.


also how thick is your glass?


Glass is 1/4”. I cleaned it on both sides and tried using the spacer just for the heck of it. I didn’t notice any noise or vibration difference unfortunately. 

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42 minutes ago, HarryPotter said:

Video? The sides need to be aligned. Should be totally silent under 50%.

I’ll keep trying on the video it’s not uploading through my phone. I have it at 50% constant speed, super noisy. I messed with the sides alignment for a while and no change at all. 

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Also, I took the wet side apart and inspected the ceramic shaft, it doesn’t look damaged and neither does anything else in there. 


I put the impeller back in the housing, but left the nozzle off. I gave it a few flicks with my finger and it’s making a ticking noise with each rotation. It’ll rotate quite a few times before stopping but the rotating is lopsided it feels like. 

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