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setup questions! please help


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hello everyone! i am new to this nano reef hobby and i want some feedback from you guys about this setup i am going to run. please feel free to comment and thank you for all your help!


20 gallon setup with hole drill at the back as overflow...


33 gallon sump with 24-30 inch refugium built in, light= aqualight 20 or 24 inch PC


main light = coralvue 20000K 250W HQI or 10000 K (i have both but not sure which one to use), run with custom fixture, reflector and coralvue new style electronic ballast 250W


no skimmer


Eric Borneman's Surge device (an instant ocean bucket drilled and installed flush device, water is pump from the sump to the surge bucket. i think i will save a powerhead and use this instead??


pump = quietone 4000 HH


heater = ebo jager or Rena 250W in sump


carbon and phosguard in fluval 204 or in sump


intended habitants:

acroporas, motiporas, hammerhead, hard corals all sorts.


please help me as i am trying to finetune my surge device and whole setup... any thought?




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I was checking out that surge device also. There has been some documentation about powerheads destroying alot of the microbes etc.....I cant offer any advice on the setup you have but would love to find out how it works for you.

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