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Legendary Corals

The Most Incredible Favia Pack We Ever Made, Pure WYSIWYG

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Legendary Corals
Hey there reefers,
Made a couple of packs right before we end shipping by December 12th. There are some exceptional goodies this round and I'm sure there's something here for everyone! 
First off is our favia pack, 21 pieces of collector quality goodness! 
Ridiculous Collector's Favia Pack, WYSIWYG
Retail Value: $1200, Pack Price: $800 Shipped
Names listed from left to right.
Row 1: LC Blue Magma, Rain of War, LC Applejacks, JF Top Fuel, FX Yellow Brick Road/ JF Gold Rush, LC Paradise Fears, LC Ferrari Enzo
Row 2: LC Supercharger, Gonzo's Spicy Lemon, Fascination, LC Hell Freezes Over, LC Megalomaniac, LC F1s, JF Dayglo
Row 3: Gonzo's War Machine, LC Yellow Fever, LC Cold Burn, CC Darth Maul, LC Voltron, WWC Ultron, LC Molten Core
Collector's Variety Pack, WYSIWYG
Retail Value: $500, Pack Price: $350 Shipped
Names listed from left to right.
Row 1: Emeralds on Fire, Gonzo's Golden Dragon Shroom, LC Cold Burn Favites, LC Deadpool Hillae
Row 2: LC Sapphire Psammacora, LC Raja Rampage Porites, LC Raven Blastomussa Merletti, JKR Rainbow Apocalypse Chalice
Row 3: CC Darth Maul Favites, WWC Bizzaro Cyphastrea, Jose Casas Pink Stylocoeniella, LC Petroglyphs
Pick up any of these Ricordea packs for $200 shipped! We still have plenty of Ricordeas WYSIWYG if there's any specific color you're looking for.
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