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Fluval Flex light upgrade

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We recently moved from Texas to Washington and had to give up our big reef tank. We miss our tanks something fierce but don't have the money for another large tank. However, we do have a Fluval Flex 15g tank. I know it's a freshwater tank but it looks easy to convert. 


I'm planning on upgrading the pump and the filter media in the back chambers. I'm worried about the light. I know I will have to upgrade it but I wanted some advice.


I'm looking at the Fluval Sea Nano LED. I like this because of the programmable aspect of it. 


Here's the catch: we don't want to remove the lid because we plan to have a go by and we've had them launch themselves out of the tank before. 


So how easy would it be to cut a hole in the top and secure it to the lid there? And look nice because this is in our livingroom. Will it be easy to mount it there? I've not seen one in person so I want to make sure it will fit and mount securely. Also any issues with that light mounted that close to the water? 


Thanks in advance for any assistanc


Edit: Sorry meant Flex not Evo!


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Haven't seen anyone cust the lid to place the light in it.

Most remove the lid and use a mesh screen.


Each light is different. It may be too close to the water. Not only for lighting purposes may this be an issue but heating and safety issues.


Some lights are not intended to be enclosed.


You may want to look into a retrofit kit or diy lights.

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