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CB600 Reef Tank

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ok, so its been a long while.


After the cycle I did the obligatory wc, got paras set right and added some fish and coral. I have carbon in the reactor and a little bag of macropore in a high flow spot in the sump.


x2 fish died and one of my clowns got sucked into the reactor (when I turned off the pump). That little clown had a real rolla-coaster ride. He lived, but developed a bump on his head and died 2wks later. So I'm left with x1 fish (a clown).


After that first wc described above I left the talk alone for months running with just x2 t5ho bulbs for approx 6hrs. The only things i did were:

feed the x1 fish,

top up the rodi auto top up chamber,

clean the glass with a magnet,

and empty the skimmer cup


I saw brown diatoms spread all over the sand, but it went away after a few weeks.


Months after stating the tank I got back into it and measured paras. Cal was a little low, but the others were ok. I have not yet used my auto doser. Phosphates and nitrates were measured today, 0 - 0.03 and 0.02. 


The corals pretty look good to me. Although I'm not sure about the green torch (I'll get a pic up soon to show what I mean). And last weekend I added a second lot of corals (see first two pics below).


Oh, and the snails and star fish added at the very beginning are going fine.


I'm dealing with beginner corals, they are proving to be very hardy.


Here are some pics:.







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