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Draco's IM Nuvo Fusion 20

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Hi all!


I've finally done it, I got a new tank to upgrade my 9g Ehiem.

Presently the 9g has a pair of frostbite clowns, 3 peppermint shrimps (which will be going in my 75g to help clean aiptasia), and 2 BTA's.


my stand will be arriving tomorrow- once I put that together, I'll start transferring/setting up.


I am curious to what people put in the back compartments as far as filteration. I'd like to add Chaetos, but which compartment would be best? 

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I put my fuge in the compartment after the overflow. I run 2 intanks in the first chambers. The other 2nd chamber I have some marinepure spheres.

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Stand's built.


New sand and extra rock bought. I may have to get more rock. I hope 20lbs of sand is enough.


I plan on cleaning the current rock to the best of my ability- there's nems and other coral on it so I gotta be careful. I want to get the bubble algae off at least, and shake out some of the bristle worms. there's just way too many in the tank (The worms will go in my sump of my 75g for cleaning)

A cup or two of the current sand.


I hope 1 ai prime would be enough. I can't afford $200 on another fixture at the moment. if it's not, I'll have to make due till then.


here's a pic of the stand with tank. the tank I am replacing is in the back.






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1 prime should be good for now depending what you are going to keep.  I run filter floss, carbon, and a little gfo in my back compartments.

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I currently have the IM fusion 20 as well and thinking about adding chaeto as well .  Might be good fit in the Chamber next to the return pump as it has the baffle returning water up and is separated from the return pump chamber. I have seachem matrix in the other chamber right now. 

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