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Hydra hd 26


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I’m looking at a hydra hd 26. What I’m trying to figure out is light spread. Essentially I’m thinking of cutting a hole if my bio cube hood and then placing this light in (I want canapoy for water loss, fish jumping, looks, etc). So this will but light basically right above water level. 


I see spread read and par info for 12 or 24” height. But trying to figure out what I can expect if it’s only like 2” above water. 


Anyone have experience or a or a way to figure out coverage? I’m trying to determine coverage at say 5, 10, and 16 inches to know if it will cover tank and corals properly.  So for example if at 5” down will it spread to 6” wide, 12”, more?


anyone tried this or know how to figure it out?


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