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Methylene Blue - Fish Medication Information


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Methylene Blue


What It Treats Healing agent which treats ammonia burn, abrasions, cuts. Mild antiparasitic/antibacterial properties. Will possibly detoxify a fish that has been exposed to cyanide poisoning. Probably one of the best “first response” treatments for a sick fish.


How To Treat – Comes in both liquid and powder form, sometimes mixed in with another medication (e.g. Nitrofuracin Green Powder). So, follow the directions on the label. Generally used in a 30 minute bath at double dose, but you can also dose it directly into a quarantine tank. Aerate heavily.

Dosing instructions for using 2.303% Methylene Blue solution:


1) 30 min bath (preferred): 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per 5 gallons.


2) In a quarantine tank: 1 teaspoon (5 ml) per 10 gallons every other day for 10 days with water changes before each treatment.


Pros – Highly effective “first response” treatment with minimal risk to fish.


Cons/Side Effects – Methylene Blue can destroy nitrifying bacteria (i.e. your QT biofilter), and will stain plastic, silicone, clothing, your skin, etc.


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I use it on people (anesthesiologist) and i use it as a fish dip, it can stain fish for a short period (up to a week) of time after administration. 

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I’ve used this irregularly for QT’ing my fish, especially years (45) ago when dynamite was the preferred collection method, to treat wounds and bacterial infections. It always worked well for me. The blue stains on my fingers went away about 3 years ago, lol.

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