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palytoxin question - mohawks


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I just started up back in the hobby - and saw some threads related to palytoxins being a thing. the second coral into my new tank was some mohawk palys/zoas that were given to me.


Are all palys bad, are these mohawks bad? the risk seems low, but at least want to be aware of the potential since its not just me in the house.

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Not all are bad.  Generally speaking the brown ones are the most dangerous, and the more colorful varieties usually less so.  Just wear gloves when handling them, don't ever boil them (not sure why anyone ever tried this 🙂) and wash thoroughly after having your hands in the tank.  I hate to say the danger is blown out of proportion, as palytoxin is extremely dangerous, but in the end you're probably more likely to get ill from a bacterial infection (fish poisoning) than palytoxin,

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