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Help ID Please?


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Can somebody help me identify the green spikey patch on the left above the zoanthids? It is by far the fastest growing thing in my tank, it started out as a few millimeters long, and is now about 1-1.5 inches. 


Im wondering if I can frag this because I’m concerned it’s going to shadow or crowd the zoanthids. 


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It can be a lot of things unfortunately at that age it is hard to tell. It does appear to have some features (back facing branchlets) other than (1) a dense plant (2) forming clusters of (3) cylindircal stalks arising from an (4) inconspicuous(?) holdfast. I would look at Cladophoropsis related species to start. It is probably going to be one of the species known in the hobby as "green turf algae". There are probably more than 100 species that go by that name. 


Is there a discernible holdfast?

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