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Water problem

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51 minutes ago, Tamberav said:

The crab surviving isn't a shocker to me.

Not a shocker perhaps, but it shows very well that the "inverts die in copper" theory is not universal as it's advertised.  That was my main point.  (It was only an anecdote, after all.) :)

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I wouldn't use tap. Technically, it's probably fine for fish and hardy corals, but hell, I hate using it it my freshwater. 


Distilled is fine, it's all done with stainless steel nowadays. 


Or get your own rodi unit if possible.

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I wouldn't use tap because its quality changes season to season, when mains are worked on, when they flush the systems, the levels of certain elements change which effect the parameters in the tank, and all the other wonderful things found in it.


It really depends on the water quality.


I only know 1 person who uses tap, they are on the other side of the country.

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On 12/2/2018 at 8:07 AM, gar1948 said:

I am setting up a fluval spec 3 and have no access to ro water. I have read you can use prime water conditioner on tap water to make it acceptable for marine use. I plan on live rock and a few soft coral. I was told distilled water is not good because copper tubing is used to make it. Any ideas?

The treated tapwater only tends to work in more rural areas where the tap water typically has lower TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).  Furthermore it's not just about the level of the TDS but what the solids in your local tap water are.  Some metals/minerals can give you serious out of control algae problems and cause other concerns with corals.  In a 2.6 gallon tank there is precious little room for error.  A portable RODI system produces more waste water and has more expensive replacement cartridges but it is also cheaper to buy and given the size of your tank, it might be worth it to just go cheap as you won't need as much water:  





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