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Trochus snails dying

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I've had three Trochus snails for about a month now and this morning I noticed that two of them had fallen over and weren't getting up. I righted them, but later today they had fallen over again. Then I caught my peppermint shrimp picking at one of the snails...and all three Trochus were on their sides and wouldn't latch on. The nerites are fine, the corals are fine, the shrimp is fine.


Salinity is 1.025. Ammonia is 0. I will check other parameters tomorrow. 


Yesterday I did quite a bit of maintenance, algae scrapping, super glued the rocks together (BRS extra thick super glue, not epoxy), fed the corals, and changed 2 gallons of water (RO/DI with Instant Ocean mixed up a few days ago). New water might have been a little warm, but current tank temp is normal 78.


So what is going on with the trochus? Why are they the only thing in my tank affected?

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