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Snails just dying one by one?


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Ive had some assorted snails for a while, some i had for a year some i had for a couple of months. I started out my reef tank with 12 astrea snails and today im down to 1. They did not die all at the same time but died one by one, like a week or a day later.. I also brougt 2 golf ball turbos a month and a half ago and today one looks likes its going to die. I noticed that from all the snail deaths, all of them did not stick to anything when they where about to die. Right now i got 5 margatia snails, 20 cerith, 1 stomatella snail, and 1 astrea snail in my 20 gallon reef. Anyone else have this problem? I have some hair and cyano in my tank, but the snails dont seem to really to eat the bacteria/algae.

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Yup, i'm now down to 6 snails from an original count of 12. :(


I've not had a fatality for a few weeks now but "I think" that a few of the recent deaths have been down to my red legged hermits. From what I've seen some Astrea's don't seem to be able to stay on their feet for very long, so to speak. :blush:


That is they end up prostrate on the substrate, on their sides after somehow managing to fall from the glass or rock and can't right themselves back up. This leaves them vulnerable to attack and it seems my two hermits sometimes beat me to them and start having a barbabque!!! :D


I've had some that i've sat back up and have gone back about their business in a few minutes. Others however never moved again! :(


As far as I know i've no Mantis Shrimp in my tank but that could be a possibility in your Nano I suppose. How's your water conditions too?


I actually came across a baby snail a few weeks back which was nice. Hopefully they'll replenish themselves over time rather than me having to keep buying more from the LFS.


I have alos noticed that a few LFS's also seem to have problems with dead Astrea's. Most tanks I've seen with them in seem to have the odd dead one. Weird.......

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yeah i have seen mine fall off of the glass for unknown reasons before 2 i guess they are just goofy snails, I sat and watched them to see if they could get themselves flipped over and they couldn't so i had to reach in my tank and flip em over also

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