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Butterflyfish help


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im getting a pakistani butterfly in my reef and want to know if this is a disaster waiting to happen or doable i know that the have a rep to attack corals and this species of butterfly im getting is supposedly on stony corals which i have none i am also asking for care tips for butterflys 


all advice is appreciated thankyou


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Read up on Paki’s. Then think about it harder. They need lots of swimming room, eat stony corals, and certainly require stable, mature (1year or older) systems. Yah, they’re beautiful, but definitely not recommended for relatively new reefers. Butterfly’s as a whole can be labor intensive as their nutritional needs can be very narrow. In the end, it’s your decision.

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sorry this comment was from before it started to crash and can still be usefulnfor the 150 gallon im setting up and maybe a year later it will be useful

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