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Ok so I have a 14g biocube and I have a small fish fountain pump as my return with no problems the question is the return is blowing lots of small bubbles out and idk why and there’s little air bubbles in my liverock and the fine little bubbles stick on my clowns is this a problem or should this be fine 

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In general, some micro bubbles are usually OK.  Now it's strange to have bubbles stick to your fish. :unsure:


You might have to add more water to your tank to prevent a waterfall action in the return chamber.

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I've read that micro bubbles sticking to fish or corals can be an issue but not sure if its fact because I haven't found an article on the subject




Some pumps I have found seem to produce micro bubbles until they have broken in. 

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I’d be very careful using a fountain pump as a circulator. Cheap fountain  pumps often use a steel impeller shaft, which will rust in SW. Ehiem makes a great little pump which are rated for SW and are only about $30. They’re flow adjustable too, down to about 35g/hr i believe. I would also take a REAL close look at the clown to make sure it is bubbles and not ich or velvet. Air generally doesn’t stick to fish, unless there is a huge amount of it in the water column.

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Recently had ich. It looked like bubbles sticking on the fish at first. Taking a much closer look showed that it obviously wasn't. 


I would invest in a decent pump. That is not something you want to go out on you when you are away. 

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