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TripleTrouble RedSea170

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Hey all. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on the forum and wanted to share some updates on some of the changes I’ve made over the past year. In June, I broke down my Fluval Spec V (pic below) and started up a Red Sea 170. Went with more of a traditional look vs the black sand I had in the Spec and spent a bit too much time on aquascape. Main cause of that was using Staxx Rock and almost had too much optionality in how to create the structure while wanting to keep it natural looking (which I found hard to do). 


Staxx Rocks

CaribSea Arag Alive

Red Sea Reef Crystals 

Kessil A360WE (two, initially then went to a single)

SCA skimmer

MP10 and 1 Hydor (looking for another MP10)


Pic 1 is old Fluval 

Pic 2 is cycle 

Pic 3 is what it looks like today 


Will come back on the thread with some more details but wanted to get this post going. 





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To rewind slightly. Wanted to share a pic of the rainbow Nem before it split last week. I was really surprised when it did split (and split in 3). It has been really healthy. Eating well and has been in that spot since I put the tank up. If anyone has experience with nems splitting....my understanding is that it usually takes around 2 weeks until they fully heal up. I haven’t fed them directly since it split as I haven’t seen a new mouth form. It’s going on a week and a half....would you agree to just let the light do the work for the time being?  Any other advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Before pics below:



Overhead after pic. 


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