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Heat from using Cobalt MJ1200 as return in BC 32

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Hey just wondering if anyone who has the biocube 32 and is also using the cobalt version of the MJ1200 as a return pump has heat issues in their tank.... my heater had never came on ever....


the tank stays at a constant 79-80 degrees.... (which is fine)


stock LEDs....


no other equipment but the InTank tray with floss, purigen and chemipure elite... Other than 2 aqamai KPS wavemakers on all sorts of random flow patterns and they make no difference in temp 

(heater is located in chamber 1 and it’s a cobalt neotherm and also is indicating that the temp is around 79-80- by the flashing light)

but everywhere in the tank is the same temp... the DT, and all 3 chambers... (my temp probe is in chamber 3 with the MJ) and it reads the same... I have even used an external thermometer and it reads the same like 78.9, 79.5.... always consistent (I know that’s what’s important I just want to make sure there’s nothing wrong with my MJ because I know they can shut off when they overheat (it has NOT done this yet).... 


only other thing Hong I can think of is that it’s very new and I keep everything very clean MJ included....


is is possible that its creating that much heat? I read others that very commonly use this upgrade but they always mention having a heater?? So I’m lost....


thanks for any help...

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heat generated = watts used...


That is thermodynamics, nothing to do with pumps or heater's or lights or whatever is using the watts. 


That's not a direct answer, but maybe it will help.

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Oh ya sorry I don’t know how to close threads down lol


it did it for a couple days and then stopped... I’m not sure if it was the pump (MJ)  or what but nothing in the tank changed and it just went back to normal temperatures so no clue but it’s been fixed for months now lol


so it couldn’t have been Watts.... because we have had the exact same equipment since day 1 (it was running normal temperatures) then it went up a few degrees and then came back down) but our weather nor the equipment changed 


but just glad all has been well 🙂 


 but thanks very much for your help! I will keep that info for the future! More Watts makes more heat Lol 


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