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Green star polyps question


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I have a green star polyp I’ve had for about a week now I got a new light on the tank and it seems to start spreading its on the largest peace of rock in the tank.  I hear that they take over rocks and there’s no controlling them. It’s on a round mushroom looking peace with a long stim and I stick it down in the sand bed in front of the tank and let it start growing a patch.  I have very fine dusty sand 

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If you have them isolated on a rock away from others you should be able to contain them. They can probably grow on sand but you can trim them when they get close. 


Personally I wouldn't put them in my tank. 

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Mine grows along the sand bed without struggle. Very easy to pull the rock out and just cut around the rock as if it were paper. Put back in tank and good as new. Toss, sell, or trade the frags you cut off.

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