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William convinced his friend to get a Nano


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So after constantly bugging me about helping him set up an aquarium, I have finally agreed to help my friend Rich set one up. We decided on a White Red Sea Nano Max due to its all in one nature and fairly comprehensive set of feature. I plan to have him essentially run it in a stock configuration. 


He was especially wowed by BRS's clown harem tank, so we will be doing a mini version (only two clowns though). 




Aquarium: Red Sea Nano Max - White 

Heater: Neotherm 100w

Skimmer: Stock

Return: Stock

Lighting: AI prime HD

Water Flow: Icecap 1k Gyre

ATO: XP Aqua Duetto 

Sand: 10lbs especial grade live

Rock: 10-15lbs Carib sea “shapes” rock 

Biological: Maxspect bio Brick, May add an innovative marine bio pellet reactor if needed

Salt: Brightwell Neomarine 


Live Stock



2 Clownfish - (not sure what type he wants)

- Will most likely have 1-3 other fish depending on size



Bubble Tip Anemones (I would like a mix of colors), Hopefully 5-10 of them 

Rock Flower Anemones, 5-10 of them 

Mini Maxi carpet anemones 3-5 of them 

Clean up crew (hermits, snails, brittle star)

2 emerald crabs 



1-2 Gorgonians, likely a purple frilly and a corky sea finger. 

Ricrodia florida 



I will probably put the maxspect bio bricks in my system to get them colonized with bacteria and do a chemical cycle before I add the live rock. The tank will run with live sand and biobricks for a week or two while being dosed with ammonium chloride. 



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15 minutes ago, William said:

First group of supplies ordered. Thanks @Marine Depot for the 15% off sale. 


All thats left is the aquarium. Hopefully they will be on sale soon, With Black Friday around the corner. 




Thank you so much for shopping with us! That's a nice list of goodies there.


Jeff @Marine Depot

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20 minutes ago, Marine Depot said:

Thank you so much for shopping with us! That's a nice list of goodies there.


Jeff @Marine Depot

happy to support you guys, hopefully ill be ordering the aquarium from you next week. 

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8 minutes ago, Christopher Marks said:

How is your friend's nano reef doing these days @William? Are you still helping out?

It’s doing well, and he has taken over most of the care of his aquarium, I’ll try to get a picture from him some time soon 

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