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Pistol Shrimp Symbiosis


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A few people *may* remember a while ago I posted about a possible mantis shrimp hitch hiker. I removed all the live rock and managed to catch him and it turns out he is a pistol shrimp! Considering he is less likely to hunt other fish I have decided to keep him. :) Basically, when it came to stocking my tank I had decided I was going to get a fake perc. clown and a humbug. Now I am considering getting some type of goby as well to complement my pistol shrimp.


Can I fit 1 pistol shrimp, 1 humbug, 1 goby and 1 clown in an 8g tank? It seems like WAY too much. If not can I get away with 1 humbug, 1 pistol shrimp and 1 goby? Lastly, will a firefish goby be suitable for an 8g aquarium and would it be very likely to form a symbiotic relationship with the shrimp?


Thanks in advance :)

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First off, that is far too many fish for an 8 gallon tank. One clown OR two/three smal gobies would be OK. Second, a firefish "goby" is not a goby at all but rather a Dartfish. If you want symbiosis with a pistol shrimp you need to think about a sp. of watchman goby. Good luck.

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it can be difficult to keep a pistol in such a small tank. they NEVER stop moving sand, and can move as much as a 7g holds in a single day. when you combine that with power heads being so close in small tanks it can make for a cloudy mess.


pistol and goby combinations are pretty cool (i have one) but they should go in larger tanks. even in larger tanks the pistols actions can get quite irratating. some (mine) have the habit of clipping mushrooms and using the pieces to block their entrance. they pile sand on the rocks. they like to create multiple entrances. either a species tank or a large tank is best.




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Originally posted by nalbar

either a species tank or a large tank is best.


what exactly do you consider a large tank? i was considering getting a yasha goby/pistol combo from brahm for my 20h. would this be a bad idea?

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i have a pistol that has a symbiotic relationship with my anemone. I bought it to pair with my watchman goby, unfortunately it was the wrong kind of pistol. The shrimp proceeded to stay in its hole everyday until one morning when it climbed to the top of my tank and grabbed my curlique anemone. It was then walking around the tank with it. It scared the heck out of me but luckily it did not sting anything. By the end of the day the anemone found a new rock at the bottom and the shrimp lives within its tentacles. It is very cool they protect each other. In sum make sure u find a goby pistol combo that is already proven even then they might not pair up. Good luck!

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Thanks for all your responses guys :)


I may just get a goby and leave it at that atm. :)


Oddly enough my pistol doesn't make a mess of my tank. He's very small at the moment (about 1 inch long). He does pile up sand at his burrow, the cute little sucker. ;)


I may just have to save up for a 2'x2'x2' tank so I can house a few more fish.....damn this addictive hobby.

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