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Will do. Thanks for the advice.

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22 hours ago, dling said:

it between 2 and 2.5 inches. It came from Indonesia I believe . And it was Divers Den,sorry. But the log in from LA shows the order history and thats who I spoke

to about to other clams dying. The Crocea was 179.00 with a 20% off offer it came to 155.00 and it was free shipping.

Seem DD and LA are the same thing.

Dang, they really charge an arm and a leg for those small clams. Croceas are arguably the hardest to care for. I do not know what light you have but hopefully you have good lighting cuz after acclimation it will need the most light out of all clams.

I got my 6 inch maxima from the LFS, they ordered it from Sea Dwelling creatures. 150$ list price, got it for 120$.

I have ordered clams from DD before, one DOA, one died after a few days.

It was winter time though and survival rate drop with temperatures.

Hopefully your Crocea will stay alive. Looks like a nice specimen!

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Thanks. I hope ot will be ok. I had two crocea clams in the tank before and they were fine . The reason I dont still have them was a power outrage last winter. Lost everything. BTW you can see my lighting in my sig.

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Adding second crocea today. The first one is doing great.


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