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New AIO filtration advice needed


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Hello everyone. I just got the go ahead to put a tank up at the office. The tank will have to be an AIO build but that's okay. I plan on building an acrylic tank and based on my current design, the tank will be around 30 gallons (about 20 gallons in the display). Im planning on running a skimmer and also a media rack. Is chemipure and purigen the go-to? I plan on throwing a bunch of marine-pure spheres or similar in one of the sections. I'm sure this has been covered a lot so I apologise for redundancy.

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Depends on the chemipure. 1 already has a purigen like media in it and the other has a gfo media in it.

Both exhaust faster than claimed.


You can easily purchase your own media and bag it yourself.


I'm not sure about the spheres in a chamber, how does one keep that chamber clean of detritus buildup?

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