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Is stability possible?


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Hi guys! This is my second post so far!


I originally posted in the Dorm Reefers Thread the other day, but I only have received one response so far, and I thought I might get a better response if I asked the whole group. Plus I'm just a tad impatient, sorry :D.


You can read the original post if ya feel like getting to know me better, but here's the heart of the matter:


I attend college about 4 hours away from my home. While I've had no problems moving a FW tanks to and fro, I'm worried that the constant moving might be too stressful and cause many problems. I'm looking into a 10gallon (max!) nano that would hopefully be home to a few easy to keep corals, inverts, some LR and a clown fish or two (or a clown and a goby? I don't know much about SW yet, sorry...).


Just so you know I would move my tank for...

Going to school in August.

Going home for X-Mas in Dec.

Going back to school in Jan.

Going home for Spring Break (it's a full week, I prolly couldn't leave it alone, could I?) and coming back.

Going home in May.


It would be wonderful if I could get an answer either way. If you guys say no to a nano, I guess I'll stick to FW (not that FW is bad or anything...)

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over spring break and thanks giving you could leave it just fine. just rig up and auto top off and an auto feeder for you fish. over christmas and summer tank the tank home. but as far as stability goes.... mines been up for 2 years with juat as frequent moves.

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An auto-top off? I'm still really new to this... that's one of those suspended water bottles with "kalka-"something and some tubing going into the tank, right?


As for auto-feeders, do you mean one of those dissolving carbonate pellets or an actual machine that dispenses dry food?


This is good news, though. I'm getting optimistic.

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as for a tank id pick up a mini bow 7 from ebay then maybe a 70 watt halide also cheap on ebay and you could have a tank that could hold almost any corals and maybe even a clam:D . id only put one fish in though to keep biload low something like a black and white perc would be cool. As others metioned get an auto top off system for the shorter breaks. From what i know (got a friend that has one) this tank is also pretty easy to move. (get like 2 five gallon buckets, 1 for livestock,one for some water.Do this keep up with water changes and you could have an awsome tank.


good luck

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Thanks for the idea!


I was considering a MB 7, but I haven't seen them in stores around Richmond (just online) and I think the shipping for a glass tank would be astronomical! The LFS said they would order it for me, but it would cost $70!!! Then again, this is the LFS that charges $24 for a common clown...


For that price I think I might be better off with a standard 10g. It would be a little bit more stable and (correct me if I'm wrong) it's easier to "accessorize" (ie, filters fit better, etc). As for halide... wow... I was going to go with two screw-in fluorescents and avoid the whole retro-fitting thing. (Wal-Mart sells a 10g kit for like $30 that comes with sockets for two incandescent lights).


Once again, many tanks, I've got a lot to think about.


Edit: PS, I know the CF lights won't work for fancy schmancy stuff but I wasn't planning on going coral-crazy or getting anemones or anything...

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i also did this with a ten gallon for a few years. i left mine over winter break tho with no real probs. just set up a top off system.

also, if that stock walmart hood can hold 2 40 watt bulbs you should be ok with softies, plus they'd prob tolerate the moves better.

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That sounds like a plan. I'm getting sold on the 10g idea. Not that I'm in anyway opposed to MB's, cause they're cool, too.


How do I tell if the aquarium hood can have two 40 watt bulbs? I think the package is pretty nondescripit. Is 40w standard for that kind of el-cheapo kit?


Also, what are thoughts on using an AC 500 as mini-refug. for a 10g? I suppose I would need separate lighting for that. Maybe a small clip-on fluorescent? If not a refug., would it be a good idea just for the extra water volume?


And one last question, just to be extra obnoxious, lol. Can't auto-top-offs be made with a simple water bottle and some tubing? No offense to californiareefs.com (I learned a lot there), but that auto-top-off set-up was a bit beyond my understanding and probably beyond my bank account.

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woops, my bad, i meant 2 20 watt bulbs, so 40 watts total. just check to make sure it can handle 20 w bulbs (i should say and prob is rated 4 at least 25 w bulbs)

and yes don't waste your $$ on an auto top off, just diy

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