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Fluval 13.5 EVO


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Ok so I am going to be getting a Fluval Evo 13.5 and I wanted to no what is the best way to go with the filtration. Should I set it up with what it comes with or do something else if I should do something else please tell me what to do and what brand and filtration works best or what you think I should do. Thank you!!

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I have a media basket in chamber one..... running filter floss, chemipure blue, and purigen.


Chamber 2 - I plugged the hole which improved flow and I made it into a mini refugium with chaeto.


Chamber 3 is my heater and pump.


Tank is about a year old and have never had any green algae not even a spot.


Whatever you do, I highly recommend a media basket like this:



Good luck!

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Everyone runs different things in their aio tanks.


Ditching stock filtration is the way most go as sponges and bioballs are not beneficial.


Buying or diy a media rack is the best option.


I like to use filter floss(purchased in bulk), I cut to size. Its changed with every waterchange and 1 day mid week.


I prefer using a regular carbon vs chemipures. I personally didn't find any benefit to the cost besides it being pre bagged.


I use Kent carbon(next to no dust), I put in a media bag and change every 2 weeks. I use less than more.


I also buy purigen and bag it myself. This is changed when it goes brown. 


Phosguard I keep on hand and use very small Quantities as needed. 


For myself I prefer bagging my own media, I can control qty used and changed more often. Media doesn't last very long, it does get exhausted and then becomes a place for detritus to settle.

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